It wouldn’t be Sushi Village (or Heavy Hitting) without sake, so the sake margs and hot dumbo was flowing at last weekend’s annual Pitch-to-Screen workshop lunch in Whistler, and it was kick-ass.

Ace filmmaker-and-master of many trades Jeffery Scott Lando (Roboshark, Suspension, Savage Island) made the voyage up from Vancouver to talk to 16 local and aspiring filmmakers about all aspects of the craft. Over lunch, Jeffery dished out wisdom on everything from the value of multiple locations (you are never poaching one spot for too long) to “festival tourism” to how to make it rain blood to why Danny Trejo (Machete) is so ultimately badass and awesome (Lando worked with Trejo on Ghostquake, a 2012 haunted high school disaster flick for SyFy.)

As the sake kicked in, some participants were able to pitch Jeffery ideas for their upcoming HorrorFest projects, with both the mentor and peers offering feedback. All in all it was another incredible event for the HorrorFest community and we can’t thank Jeffery enough for coming to share his knowledge.

Sushi Village also deserves a bloody fist in the air for hosting.

Stay tuned on the Heavy Hitting HorrorFest facebook page for information on future workshops and in the mean time, go make some movies! HorrorFest submission deadline is Sept 15, 2018.