HorrorFest: Ressurrection- Slasher flicks and Monster Beats

Posted: Sun, Oct 28, 18
DJ Illo Spinning at Garfinkel's in Whistler

The afterparty has always been one of the biggest and most important components of Heavy Hitting HorrorFest. We need a place for all those blood-thirsty savages to go let loose after a night of cinematic slaying.

For HorrorFest: Ressurrection we knew it needed to be something kick-ass and, and with the help of Gibbons Après Lager, Monster Energy and Garfinkels this year promises the best HorrorFest Afterparty we’ve ever had!

Once the final film screens and the awards are bestowed, horrorfans can saunter up the stroll to Garfinkels for a night of monster beats and horrorific good times. Monster DJ’s Illo and Pump will be holding it down on the one’s and two’s, with special guest DJ Praiz.

DJ Illo Spinning at Garfinkel's in Whistler

We reached out to Illo to talk horror movies, soundtracks, and the secret to ruling a Halloween dance party.

Feet: Were you into Horror movies as a kid?

Illo: Absolutely! As a kid, I can remember being immensely freaked out by Stephen King's IT and the first "Chucky" (Childs Play). Both would pop up in my dreams and/or nightmares. What was interesting though, was the clown from IT would sometimes be in my dreams to scare me, and sometimes to be my friend. I always thought that was interesting, and looking back probably says a lot about my personality and how I embrace fear.

IT, The Shining, Saw…. I like them all for different reasons, sometimes you want that element of surprise and sometimes you want that deeper psychological horror. Depending on the mood.

Feet: Sound and music is such a huge part of the horror genre? do you have a fave horror score?

Illo: The strings in Psycho have to be the most iconic horror sounds ever, and still set the bar to this date. They perfectly capture the moment, but still allow for that space, and leave you wondering what's about to happen. My 2 personal favorites have to be... 1) The Thing by Morricone & Carpenter—the 2 masters at work together using electronic sounds to give that futuristic alien vibe. And 2) Italian prog rockers Goblin for Suspiria. What an incredible idea to have a live band soundtrack the movie and make it feel so natural. You can also throw the soundtrack on to listen to at home.

Feet: Sticking with music, how do you prepare for a Halloween set? Are there certain tracks you look forward to this time of year because its the only time you can play them?

Illo: Halloween is pretty much the best time to be a Dj. People take wearing the costume as an opportunity to be someone else for the night. Gone are all those routine and mundane requests people store in their minds, and they open up to whatever journey you want to take them on. A real opportunity for DJs to go deeper, and of course, scarier!!

Feet: Last time I saw you was the 7 Inches of Pleasure tour, with Pump, Mat The Alien, Vinyl Ritchie and DJ Scratch. That night went off. What do you like most about coming out to Whistler to play?

Illo: Being from Ontario, I'm used to playing for a certain crowd and there is a huge New York City influence on everything. Out in Whistler I meet so many different people from different parts of the world; its like all the rules I'm supposed to follow get thrown out the window. You can experiment more and for the most part, people are a lot more respectful of the DJ—they just stand back and take it all in. It's actually one of my favorite places in the world to play.

The Monster/ Gibbons Apres after party featuring Illo, Pump and Praiz is free to attend but there will be priority given to holders of a HorrorFest: Ressurrection wristband. See you at Garfs on Oct 30!