Heavy Hitting Horrorfest Resurrection 2018 Awards


Best in Show Winner
“Uncle Daddy”
Brad Chornoby, Conrad Shapansky, Kevin Hardiman
  • At least $1,500 in cold hard cash presented by Gibbons Après Lager
  • $400 from Gibbons Après Lager for the winners to party with at any Gibbons establishment
  • 1 Industry Pass courtesy of the Whistler Film Festival
The People’s Choice Award
“Ramshackle Blues”
Sharai Rewels, Director
Chili Thom Memorial Award for Best Nude Scene
Kelly Hitchcock
Erin Solowey Manimal Award For Most Fearless Performance
Nora Clarke
Best Actress
Angie Nolan
“Uncle Daddy”
  • $250 cash courtesy of LUX Visual FX
  • $150 from Gibbons Après Lager for the winners to party with at any Gibbons establishment
  • Shirt & Sweater from Ten Tree (Stay warm on those long nights of filming)
  • 1 Cinematic 6 pack courtesy of the Whistler Film Festival
Best Actor
Joel Dagenais
“Ramshackle Blues”
  • $250 cash courtesy of LUX Visual FX
  • $150 from Gibbons Après Lager for the winners to party with at any Gibbons establishment
  • Shirt & Sweater from Ten Tree (Stay warm on those long nights of filming)
  • 1 Cinematic 6 pack courtesy of the Whistler Film Festival
Best Cinematography
Gabe Langlois“Ramshackle Blues”
Best Sound
“The Whistler”
Jennifer Stang, Director
Best Effect
Brian Lonano, Director
Best Make-Up Effect
“Uncle Daddy”
Laurie Sandnes, Makeup Artist
  • A great big kick-ass professional Movie Make-up kit from It Cosmetics in LA
  • $20 gift certificate courtesy of Alpine Cafe
Best Death Scene
“Turn Off Your Cell Phone 2018”
Jon Veder, Director
Rookie of the Year
Allison Hunter, Actress
Anastasia, “Mistress of the Night”
Heavy Hitting Horrorfest Resurrection 2018

Personally, there is no feeling in the world that compares to sitting in a packed theatre watching those first opening frames Stu MacKay-Smith’s iconic intro video. Its like the moment before the rollercoaster drops into oblivion, the last breath before jumping off a cliff, the flash before the thunder hits… and then the music kicks in and the room explodes in bloodthirsty cheers, and HorrorFest lives again.

HorrorFest: Resurrection was an emotional night—the first Fest since co-founder Chili Thom succumbed to cancer in 2016. I didn’t know if it would ever happen again, but now standing on the finish line of one of the best fests ever. I am incredibly glad it did, and grateful to all the filmmakers, fans, and people who made the event happen.

An eternal afterlife of Thank Yous to Stu Mackay-Smith, down since day one, twice crowned as champion, and a driving force in ensuring the fest remains uncompromised and as badass as ever. (He also directed The Dream Team, starring the ladies of The Dream Team, which set the tone for what ended up being a perfect Resurrection.)

Huge gratitude to Chantal Limoges for stepping in this year to absolutely slay the organizational side of the fest, contribute new ideas for the event, and for making her first ever movie for the big night.

Bloody appreciative of Jon Veder for holding it down on the HorrorFest website and for making the now-standard “Turn of your phones” video.

Thank you to Scott “The Incredible Amoeba” Johnson and Dave “Pepe” Petko for their tireless efforts and incredible artwork. It really tied the room (and the entire event) together.

Ditto for Ace MacKay-Smith and her decorating skills. Ace has also been down from day one and has gotten us through many “sink or swim” moments over the years.

Kristen Dillon showcased her acting skills again this year but we’re equally thankful for the stunning graphic work she did on the Awards Plates.

We couldn’t have done it without Arts Whistler, who welcomed us back into their space after a decade. Huge shout out to Dean, Tom and Charlie for running the best tech booth in the biz.

Props to Andy and his crew at XL AudioVisual for lighting up the night and ensuring the wow factor started as soon as our people hit the red carpet.

No one blew more minds than Paintertainment, best body painting in the world (thank you Paulo and Cary) working on the hottest models ever (Joss and Kelly- you rule!)

Landyachtz has a long history of working Chili, supporting HorrorFest, and building the kick-ass photo booth installation. So great to have them back, and centre stage too boot!

A photo booth is no good without a photographer. Huge appreciation and gratitude to Joern Rohde for snapping stills again this year, and Eric Beckstead for swinging in to video everything.

There is no contest without judges. Thanks to Stu MacKay-Smith, Bruce McBruce, Travis Tetreault, Heather Paul and Special Guest Judge Farah Bunch.

Chili and I met Mat the Alien over two decades ago and he has always been a friend and inspiration, to have him spinning records at the Resurrection was beyond perfect. Thank you to David Phillips and Monster Energy for making that happen (and bringing in the PK Sound and DJs Pump and Illo for the best afterparty ever.)

Thanks to Monster Energy, Garfinkels and Gibbons Après Lager for hosting the after party. So many years we tried to handle our own afterparty, never again.

The event would not happen without our supporting sponsors. Gibbons Apres Lager, The Dream Team, The Directors Guild of Canada, Lux Visual FX and Canadian Wilderness Adventures.

Thanks to the Alpine Café for keeping everyone fed and (relatively) civil. And to our prize sponsors, Bass Coast, Sandbox, Whistler Film Festival, Hy’s Steakhouse, Elevation Hair Studio, Local Whistler, TenTree and the Vancouver Badass Film Festival.

Liquid Assets bartenders poured up a hell of a night and deserve some accolades for keeping our thirsty crowd content!

And when we did eventually run out of steam, The Aava hotel had our backs (and the rest of us) with a bit more partying and a safe place to crash.

But most importantly, thank you to the filmmakers and fans who showed up, worked hard and supported the original HorrorFest vision Chili and I laid down in 2003: it’s about getting out and making movies with your friends, testing your creativity, learning, growing, and most importantly, having a fucking good time doing it.

Love and guts,
Feet Banks

"Uncle Daddy" - Winner Best In Show